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    How to Apply

    Universium is here to guide you. For all our students we are offering a very simple step-by-step procedure that is entirely online. Simply you just need to collect the required documents in your country then the ball will be on our corner.

    Step 1: In order to determine whether you are eligible to study in Bulgaria, we need to study your case and documents. You have to send us scanned copies of all your School diplomas officially by email. You can contact us and we will reply what exactly we need from you.

    Step 2: After you send us all the required documents, we will examine and assess them fully and send you more information about the options for enrollment. If you choose to accept one of our packages, we will sign an agreement then you can be sure your place is secured.

    Step 3: Upon signing an agreement we will activate your account on our online application named uDesk, so you can fill our online application form, upload necessary documents and check all the needed information about studying and living in Bulgaria.

    Step 4: After all documents are prepared according to the requirements of the University, Universium will submit them at the respective University.

    Step 5: If there is an Entrance exam, we provide full assistance with preparing you for it, so you will pass it successfully.

    Step 6: After you pass the Entrance exam, we will send you the admission letter stating that you are officially accepted as a student in the chosen University.

    Step 7: Now you can apply for a D-type student visa. After getting visa you have to come to Bulgaria, register officially at the University and begin your study.

    Don’t worry we will be with you in every step of this procedure providing full guidance and assistance.

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