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Naturally, an internationally recognized diploma is not a good enough reason to apply at a university. So why should you choose to study Medicine at Pleven Medical University? Several reasons actually. As mentioned above the university has a large number of international students. This means getting used to the experience of studying abroad will be much easier and the large multi-cultural setting will also help you gain more knowledge with regards to future careers in Medicine.

The university’s courses offer both a high level of theoretical understanding combined with practical experience and work in a clinical setting. Under the watchful eye and guidance of academic professionals with years of experience who are either doctors or scientists with a large number of publications students can achieve the best results and prepare themselves for careers in Medicine.

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    Pleven Medical University has a student dormitory where rooms are usually shared between two or three students. People who choose to stay in the student dormitory of Pleven Medical University will have a private bathroom but will have to share a kitchen with people living on the same floor. There are usually two beds, two desks and a wardrobe in each room. Students are not allowed to cook inside the room. The rent is about 40 Euro a month and includes your bills, e.g. WiFi and heating.

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